Good Habits for Success

Good Habits for Success
Seven Days Builds A Good Habit
Fifty-two Weeks Makes A New Person
Heart Changes Thought Changes
Thought Changes Habit Changes
Habit Changes Aptitude Changes
Aptitude Changes Life Changes
Life Changes Leads to Success
Good Habits
No. 1. Smile to Yourself Everyday
“Son, if you don’t like yourself, how could you expect
anybody else to like you? “ ─ A. Carnegie
No 2. Wash Face with Cold Water Everyday
Cold water for face and warm water for feet will be as
good as medicine。
─ Proverb
No. 3 Change Tooth Brush in Two Months
A tooth brush not changed in two months is dirtier
than socks not changed in two months。- Dentist S.
No. 4 Drink Eight Cups of Water Everyday
Eight cups of water (2000CC) will keep you healthy
and look fresh。 ─ Anonymous
No. 5 Comb Hair for Five Minutes Everyday
To comb hair helps a good sleep。
─ Chinese Poet, Su Don-Po
No. 6 Retire Early and Get up Early
11 PM – 1 AM: Liver works, rest; 7 AM
– 9 AM:
Stomach works, breakfast。- Proverb
No. 7 Ten-minute Deep Breathing Everyday
Five minutes of Tai Chi breathing twice a day keep
you away from medicine! – Chinese Kung Fu
No. 8 Inspect Once More after Door Locked
To do it may not be rewarded, but not to do it may
be punished。 – Abraham Lincoln
No. 9 Exercise Anytime and Anywhere
Opportunities to exercise will be everywhere if you are
determined. – Robert Rockefeller
No. 10 Well Use Time between 7 PM and 10 PM
To know what a person can achieve, just find out what he
normally does between 7 PM and 10 PM? ─Japanese
No. 11 Take 10 Minutes Break for One Hour of
Reading or Computer
Protect your eyes as much as you protect life。
─ M.D.
No. 12 Do Not Touch Anything Belonging to Others
“Don’t touch my stuff, which may kill you.

– A. Nobel
No. 13 Put It Back After Use
“Don’t ask me where your shoes are, because they are no
longer where I placed them.
” ─ Mrs. A. Carnegie
No. 14 Eat to 70% Full For Each Meal
A meal 70% full keeps you healthy; 30% reserve keeps you
young。 ─ Proverb
No. 15 Three Halves of Minute and Three Halves
of Hour
Before getting up in the morning, lie for a half of minute, exercise
hands and feet for a half of minute, and sit up for another half of
minute; then, exercise for one half of an hour, take a nap for one half of
an hour at noon, and walk for another half of an hour in the evening.
– Scientist
No. 16 Brush Teeth After Half of an Hour
Following Meals
After half of an hour from meals, protective calcium and phosphorus
due to chewing will return back to teeth。 – German Dentist
No. 17 Inform your Spouse When not Returning Home
“ Don’t you know how I worry when you are not returning home and
do not call?
“ ─ A wife
No. 18 Stop working One Hour Before Sleeping
Before a war, seriously prepare fighting; before sleeping,
seriously prepare sleeping。 – Napoleon
No. 19 Softly Rub Abdomen
Before and after sleep, place left hand on right hand to rub
abdomen clockwise 50 times and counterclockwise 50 times
。 – Proverb
No. 20 Sleep Sideway Facing Right
Sleep sideway facing right to protect heart。
– Proverb
No. 21 Call A Good Friend When Distressed
To share happiness with a friend, you receive
twice happiness; to talk with a friend of the
distressed, you have it half-relieved。 – Pagan
No. 22 When Rest is Needed, Take A Day Off
One is tired if not rest when it is need.
– Psychologist

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